Sixers open to trading top-five draft pick

May 13, 2016

The Philadelphis 76ers have been among the league's worst teams for each of the last three seasons, and that was largely by their own design.

Former GM Sam Hinkie had convinced ownership that the proper way to rebuild in the NBA was by bottoming out in the standings in order to have the best odds possible of landing the top pick in the NBA Draft, and then landing a player who would emerge as a franchise cornerstone for years to come.

But after three years of losing with no sign that things are changing for the better, the organization decided it was time to go in another direction. Jerry Colangelo was brought in as an adviser, and Hinkie ended up resigning once he saw the writing on the wall. Bryan Colangelo was hired as the team's new president, and it appears as though (via's Scott Howard-Cooper) he'll be far less patient in his efforts to turn things around. 

Despite all of the losing, there is a segment of the Sixers fan base that was behind Hinkie's plan 100 percent, and they're predictably less than pleased that the team may now attempt to shortcut The Process. But basketball is about trying to win games, and shouldn't be about gaming the system by not attempting to field the best roster possible. The new regime realizes that, which is what being open to trading a high lottery pick means.


It doesn't mean, however, that they won't think very carefully before pulling the trigger on a trade that would alter the franchise's future.