Report: Pelicans' Quincy Pondexter put off MRI for playoff push

July 31, 2015

NBA players have access to the world's best doctors, state of the art medical facilities, and the best treatments that money can buy. And sometimes, such as with New Orleans Pelicans wing Quincy Pondexter, they purposely avoid all of that in order to stay on the court.

Pondexter was in attendance for the unveiling of the Wetlands Express at the Audubon Zoo in New Orleans, and he said that he told team doctors to delay an MRI on his injured left knee so that he wouldn't be removed from the lineup as the Pelicans approached the playoffs.

"Even though my knee would be swollen more than it should have been, I just wanted to make the playoffs that bad," Pondexter said.

"I would spend hours and hours getting treatment," he added. "I told our team doctors to not let it get looked at. I didn't want to get a MRI. I begged them not to let me get it until the day after the season ended."


After the Pelicans were eliminated from the playoffs by the Golden State Warriors, and MRI revealed that Pondexter needed arthroscopic surgery, which he had in May, according to The Times-Picayune's John Reid.

(h/t Times-Picayune)