Players do the darndest things

BY Sam Gardner • July 23, 2013

An NBA player’s stoic demeanor is no match for a pair of cute kids, something we learned on NBA Draft night, when two pint-sized reporters named Ryan and Jaylah convinced some of this year’s rookie class to do some dancing, and then quizzed them about dating advice:

The pair also questioned the rookies — a group that included Michael Carter-Williams, Otto Porter, Ben McLemore and others — about Draft night fashion and Nerlens Noel’s hair:

The Draft was hardly Ryan and Jaylah's first foray into hard-hitting journalism, though. These tiny tykes have a history of getting players to do silly things.

During the regular season, they served as the “Knicks Kid Reporters,” and at one point, they got Tyson Chandler to sing Justin Bieber:

They also got the Knicks players to rag on each other’s hair styles:

Keep up the good work, kids. If you aren’t already, you’ll be putting the rest of us hacks to shame soon.