Phil Jackson gave each Knicks player a Michael Jordan book

BY foxsports • August 18, 2015

Phil Jackson has been giving books to his players since the beginning of time. Seriously, go back to ancient Greece, and somewhere, you can find Jackson handing an Aristotle scribe to a wrestler. It's one of his notorious traits as a leader.

Apparently, that didn't end once Jackson took a front-office role with the Knicks. He's still handing out reading materials. 

Here's more from Chris Herring of the Wall Street Journal:

"Last year, Jackson gave each of the Knicks a copy of “There Is No Next,” Sam Smith's latest read on Michael Jordan's legacy. He said he wanted the players, especially Carmelo Anthony, to grasp the level of intensity needed to be a champion."

Now, the questions become: How many people actually read the book? And how many people who did read the book are still actually around on the roster?

(h/t Wall Street Journal)

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