NBA must know something: No more Wiggins Cavs jerseys for sale

BY foxsports • August 2, 2014

Cleveland Cavaliers fans who wanted to get an Andrew Wiggins jersey could be out of luck.

The Cavaliers have been reported as the only team with a chance to land star Minnesota Timberwolves forward Kevin Love. For any deal to get done between the two clubs, it appears that Cleveland must include Wiggins.

And maybe the NBA feels Wiggins will never touch the court as a member of the Cavaliers, because it has discontinued his jersey on the league's website.

It could just be a coincidence, but fans can still purchase other rookies' jerseys on the site, such as Joel Embiid or Julius Randle.

Wiggins must be with Cleveland for at least another three weeks, because a team is not allowed to trade a draft pick within 30 days of the player's signing a contract.

Even if the No. 1 overall pick is not dealt for Love, fans will still have to wait to get their hands on a jersey.


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