Minnesota Timberwolves: Is Zach LaVine Outplaying Andrew Wiggins?

BY Fansided and Nicholas Gonzalez/FanSided via Sir Charles In Charge • December 27, 2016

Minnesota Timberwolves’ Andrew Wiggins, the proclaimed most talented NBA prospect since LeBron, has been very good in his short career. Has his fellow backcourt rising star Zach LaVine been better this season, though?Andrew Wiggins is a former No. 1 overall pick while Zach LaVine was the 13th overall selection, but both have had fantastic young careers so far for the Minnesota Timberwolves. LaVine is more known for his flashy dunks and being a two-time dunk contest winner and Wiggins moreso as the future superstar, but has LaVine emerged as the better player?There is no doubt both players have been playing well this season, but LaVine has been superior just under 30 games in. Take a look at the chart in the tweet below.LaVine > Wiggins this season by a large margin. pic.twitter.com/ud5T89GjwV— Nick Gonzalez ???????????? (@ByNickGonzalez) December 26, 2016At first glance, it doesn’t seem like anyone is out playing anyone if you judge by the first three basic stats. After those, though, LaVine runs away with everything else. LaVine has been much more efficient in every form of shooting this season, by a large margin too – he is up +.04 in FG% , +.05 in 3P% and +.07 in TS%. Wiggins has struggled with his shot throughout his career but LaVine is killing him across the board in those metrics.Aside from scoring, they are pretty much doing about the same. Wiggins is up in rebounding but is down in assists. Once again, though, LaVine takes the lead in ball handling efficiency with Wiggins averaging more turnovers.As far as defense goes, both have been really bad, posting a 115 DRTG. Wiggins has Defensive Real Plus-Minus of -2.43. LaVine has one of -2.79. Both are pretty bad. On the other hand, LaVine has ran the offense better as well as put his teammates in better positions to make plays. That is also backed up by his +12 advantage in ORTG (Offensive Rating). The last advanced metric I looked at was value over replacement and LaVine KILLS Wiggins in it. Andrew is actually at a negative value rating while LaVine is +.08 on the season so far.Wiggins definitely has had the upper hand in the overall career so far and still most likely has the most potential, but it definitely noteworthy that LaVine is really outplaying him with strides so far in the 2016-17 campaign. It is also interesting to take note on how much Wiggins’ percentages – he was leading the league in three-point percentage to start of the season for some time. Both players are rising stars and could no doubt both have illustrious careers, but it will be interesting how the outlook on the two will skew if LaVine keeps this up. Last season, LaVine was looked at as a future fringe All-Star and quality starter that might be traded while Wiggins was the next superstar.Must Read: NBA Free Agency Altered; 'Superteams' A Thing Of The Past Thanks To New CBANow, the script might be flipping a little. There is no doubt this Minnesota Timberwolves team is loaded with talent, but can they all put it together or will one be traded? And if so, who? Who would you take at this moment – Andrew Wiggins or Zach LaVine? More from Sir Charles In ChargeNBA Trade Rumors: Grizzlies Ready To Move Tony Allen?9h agoWhy Joel Embiid Is The Most Promising Center In The NBA10h agoNBA Trade Rumors: Nerlens Noel, Goran Dragic On The Move?12h agoOklahoma City Thunder: Russell Westbrook Is Mr. Triple-Double12h agoPortland Prognosis: How Did The Trail Blazers Get So Bad?1 d agoThis article originally appeared on

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