LeBron misses triple-double, miffed

March 25, 2013

LeBron James has the Miami Heat riding high during this impressive win streak, but that doesn’t mean he’s lost sight of his individual numbers.

In the waning moments of the Heat’s 108-94 win over the Magic for their 27th consecutive victory, LeBron was one rebound shy of his fourth triple-double of the season. LeBron’s last chance to corral his 10th rebound ricocheted off Chris Bosh and went out of bounds, prompting LeBron to playfully stomp on the ball as he went to the bench.

The Heat superstar, who finished with 24 points, nine rebounds and 11 assists, was visibly agitated as he was greeted by teammates on the bench. Just goes to show that the best player in the world can focus on the win while finding time to track his own stats and provide some eye-opening highlights.