Kobe on Dwight: 'I don't give a s***'

BY foxsports • September 28, 2013

When have you known Kobe Bryant to ever sugarcoat his thoughts? Put it this way, if everyone were as honest as he is, a lot of people's feelings would be hurt.

Never disappointing as far as responses to the press, he put his "Mamba mentality" out there and shed some light on a few things at Los Angeles Lakers media day looking into the 2013-14 season.

Kobe was asked about the departure of former Lakers big man Dwight Howard. If it wasn't clear before that Bryant couldn't care less about Howard, it's crystal now.




C'mon, does that even surprise you? This is the same guy who created the elite "Vino Club" with the members being Floyd Mayweather, Justin Timberlake, Peyton Manning and himself. Four guys over 30 who are all dominating their respective fields. It's safe to say Howard will never be invited.

Naturally, Howard is of no significance to Vino. Why would Kobe be concerned about his wearing the purple and gold anyway? D-12 did much of what in L.A.? Nothing.

Kobe is still nursing his torn Achilles from the 2012-13 season back to health, but that didn't stop him from being mobbed as the center of attention at the Lakers media day.



As Kobe has matured with age, he's been able to open up to the media in ways other players haven't and shown us the raw side of the Mamba. We shouldn't expect anything besides him keepin' it real.

Remember this?

It will definitely be a sight to see if Kobe gets to return in time for the Houston and L.A. show down in November.

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