Kings' Rondo on coach Karl: 'It's not going too well'

BY foxsports • October 14, 2015

You have to give Sacramento Kings point guard Rajon Rondo credit for his honesty -- or his joking chops. Even though he has a reputation for butting heads with coaches, he's not going to shy away from talking about his relationship with coach George Karl. And if at first glance something seems off, it's because Rondo is messing with us.

After Sacramento's preseason game Tuesday against the Los Angeles Lakers, Rondo was asked how things are going with his new coach:

"It’s not been going too well," Rondo said. "We’ve gotten into a couple arguments in the last couple days. Hopefully we continue to talk and get better."

On the surface, that's kind of a concerning comment. But Rondo doesn't appear too concerned about the recent miscommunication, which icould be a pretty telling sign. He's known for having a pretty wicked sense of humor, and with all of the reported turmoil in Sacramento this offseason, it'd be a pretty Rondo-esque maneuver to troll everyone with reports of his relationship with Karl. And in fact, that's exactly what Rondo and the Kings indicated on Wednesday.

Perhaps Rondo was joking the whole time. Perhaps this is damage control. Either way, the only real consideration is whether it affects the Kings on the court.

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