Jordan 'pretty sure' he could beat Hornets players one-on-one

BY foxsports • June 13, 2015

It's the age-old question: Could Michael Jordan beat (insert any of today's NBA stars) one-on-one? Many of today's stars have been inserted into this question, which can never be definitively answered.

But it appears as the Charlotte Hornets owner would like to take a crack at some of his own players. But the six-time NBA champion reportedly says he does not want to do so -- because he wants to spare them the embarrassment.

"I'm pretty sure I can, so I don't want to do that and demolish their confidence," Jordan, 52, told France's L'Equipe about facing Hornets players one-on-one. "So I stay away from them, I let them think they're good . . . But I'm too old to do that anyway."

It must do wonders for their confidence that their owner says he doesn't want to "demolish their confidence" and that he will "let them think they're good."

But His Airness does think that comparing eras is a waste of time.

"No, you can't compare eras, you can't compare generations," he said. "I'll never have the opportunity to play against LeBron [James] in his prime, and he'll never have the opportunity to play against me. But because a lot of people have never seen us in our prime, they compare. And that's just the standard of measurement."

Jordan's opinion might be in line with a certain segment of NBA fans. A poll earlier this year said that 34 percent of fans believe that Jordan -- at 52 -- could beat LeBron one-on-one right now.  

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