Houston Rockets Patrick Beverley demolishes child in pickup basketball

May 4, 2016

Houston Rockets point guard Patrick Beverley is unfamiliar with the sensation of remorse.

He is, by all regards, one of the most reliably crazy human beings to suit up in an NBA uniform in the 21st century. And that part doesn't turn off when some kid steps up at the local park talking about "Let's play one-on-one."

Rest assured: Patrick Beverley doesn't become not Patrick Beverley when the stakes are lowered, as evidenced in this recent video of him sonning a small child on the black top.

Deadspin's Patrick Redford dug up the footage. It is replete with trash talking and Beverley-ness.


"You might not get the ball the whole game," Beverley says after blowing past the child for a layup.

"Can we just shoot jump shots?" the child asks, frustrated. 

"No," Beverley responds. 

Patrick Beverley does not want to shoot jump shots. If you cannot see, he's busy adopting a child through the majesty of sport.

Dan is on Twitter. Just another reason Patrick Beverley is a card-carrying member of the 2016 All-Lit Team.