Highlights from Dallas Mavericks workplace investigation

September 19, 2018

Highlights from an independent investigation of workplace conditions at the NBA's Dallas Mavericks, according to a 46-page report released Wednesday some seven months after a Sports Illustrated article included detailed allegations of sexual harassment and other misconduct:

The Sports Illustrated article presented no allegations of inappropriate workplace conduct by Mark Cuban personally. Similarly, the Investigative Team has found no evidence of workplace misconduct by Cuban. The Sports Illustrated article questioned how "a proudly hyperattentive owner" could not have been aware of the misconduct within the organization. Cuban is an active owner, and he has played a significant role in the business operations of the Company.... While there is no question that Cuban is an active owner, he was rarely physically present in the Mavericks' business office. As both Cuban and many employees expressed in their interviews, Cuban spent the majority of his time overseeing the basketball operations division, which until fall of 2017 was located three miles from the Mavericks' business office. His involvement in business operations, on the other hand, was often undertaken remotely via email. As Cuban acknowledged in his interview, "you have to be around the culture to see the culture; I learned the hard way." ... His absence from the business office kept him from appreciating either the full scope of the misconduct at the Company or the workplace culture at the business office.