Glenn Robinson III won an awful 2017 Dunk Contest because they had to pick someone

February 19, 2017

DeAndre Jordan, Aaron Gordon, Glenn Robinson III and Derrick Jones Jr. entered the 2017 NBA Slam Dunk Contest, and there were no winners.

OK, fine — Robinson was the official winner, because he threw down a couple of decent dunks and because someone had to walk away with the title. But if you watched Saturday night's festivities, you were probably ready for bed halfway through the final round.

Robinson did wake us up a bit with his final dunk of the evening, earning a 50 from the judges and our eternal adoration for bringing an end to the exhibition:

But in the finals, Jones failed to complete one of his dunks in three tries, which nicely summed up the whole evening:

The young Suns player did manage one breath-taking dunk with an assist from teammate Devin Booker:

Either way, we're not just being harsh for the sake of being mean; fellow NBA players were less than impressed with the Dunk Contest:

Orlando's Gordon, who many felt should have won last year's competition despite coming in second, tried to use a drone to complete one of his dunks. After several attempts, he finally managed to throw one down but fell short of the finals. To be fair, he's dealing with an ankle injury that likely sapped him of some of his dunking prowess.

As for Jordan? He existed. That's about all we have to say about that.

While Robinson's last dunk was nice and we appreciate everyone's hard work, a couple solid slams couldn't save an otherwise lackluster dunk contest, which was missing defending champion Zach LaVine. There was just nothing to write home about this year — no dunk that will stand the test of time, or duel that had us on the edge of our seats.

There's always next year, we suppose.