Check out the change the Celtics are making to their 2017-18 jerseys

BY Dan Graf • January 25, 2017

We’ve known for a while now that advertising is coming to NBA jerseys next season, but only two teams have announced which sponsors they’ll be partnering with and revealed how the new patches will look.

Perhaps the most anticipated change is the one to the Boston Celtics’ uniforms – which have been virtually the same since the beginning of time. How would that look? On Wednesday, the team provided an answer as it rolled out its partnership with GE, which will include the company’s logo on the shoulder of the jerseys in the Celtics’ green-and-white colors.

GE’s corporate headquarters is located in Boston, so the partnership is natural. The Boston Globe reports that it’s a multi-million-dollar deal that will make GE the Celtics’ data and analytics provider.

The Celtics join the Kings (Blue Diamond Almonds) and 76ers (Stubhub) as the teams with jersey sponsorship deals. The other major uniform change for next season is that Nike is taking over for Adidas as the league’s official manufacturer. That might have an even bigger effect on teams’ looks than patches on the shoulder.

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