Becoming quicker is the key to unlocking Jonas Valanciunas' potentail

BY foxsports • May 27, 2015

While Jonas Valanciunas has improved every season, he still hasn't become the player the Toronto Raptors want him to be. To become that player, William Lou of Raptors Republic says, Valanciunas must improve in three areas this summer: play making, lateral quickness and developing a reliable jump shot.

"’s unreasonable to expect Valanciunas to ever be able to defend any position other than center. But given where the league is trending, Valanciunas will need to — at the minimum — develop enough quickness to adequately brave the perimeter on occasion."

Improving these three areas would do wonders for Valanciunas' game. The jumper would open up both his and the Raptors' offense (so long as it doesn't become a staple of his game) as would becoming a better passer. Valanciunas is a valuable player, but until he grows in these facets, that's all he'll be.

(h/t Raptors Republic)

Photo credit: John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports

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