Anthony Morrow's 'All-Teammate' lineup would win an NBA title

BY foxsports • June 17, 2015

Anthony Morrow has already played for six NBA teams, which means he's had quite a lot of teammates in his still-young career. The Charlotte Observer asked Morrow who he'd put on his "All-Teammate" team, given how many players he's played alongside. 

"'Well I have to go Steph, Russ, KD. People are going to be getting left out. I gotta go Dirk (Nowitzki of Dallas), and Anthony Davis (of New Orleans). That’s an ill lineup right there.'"

"Ill" is putting it lightly. That lineup would run rampant through the league, decimating everyone in its path. Obviously, you'd have to account for the bench, but seriously, that team would be the consensus title favorite.

(h/t Charlotte Observer

Photo credit: Peter G. Aiken-USA TODAY Sports

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