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Twist In The Plot

October 16, 2020

Fresh off of a fourth championship with his third different franchise, LeBron James has once again added to his historical resume.

For some, the King's latest feat further solidified him as the greatest player of all-time.

For others, like ESPN's Stephen A. Smith, a fourth ring for James did little to move the needle.

"I have bad news for LeBron James: consider yourself disrespected, because you'll never be my No. 1."

But while the debate between James and Michael Jordan endlessly rages on, it doesn't appear as if James is interested in participating.

In fact, in recent days, he's done more to praise Jordan – his childhood idol – than to match himself up against MJ.

And James didn't stop there.

Upon returning home from the Orlando bubble, where he and the Lakers spent the last three months en route to capturing the franchise's 17th NBA championship, James immediately cut on film to study Jordan.

But it wasn't the game film fans might have thought it was. This film was available to the masses. 

Considering James has outwardly been paying homage to Jordan, Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe chimed in regarding LBJ's intentions.

Bayless believes James' praise of Jordan could backfire, serving to once again enlighten people on how great Jordan truly was.

"You are sending a subliminal message to your billions of blind witnesses out there who actually believe you are better now than Jordan ever was."

Sharpe landed on the other end of the spectrum, seeing LeBron's recent efforts as nothing more than one all-time great studying the moves of another.

The debate regarding the greatest player of all-time will only grow louder with each new championship and individual accolade that James adds to his resume.

But as of today, The King has spoken – he'll leave the debating to the commoners.

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