No more excuses: NASCAR needs SAFER barriers around all of its tracks

BY Larry McReynolds • March 2, 2015

After the second week in a row where one of our sport's superstars hit a wall at a race track not covered by SAFER barriers, I am simply going to say what I said following Daytona. I realize that a lot of tracks are reacting to what happened in Daytona, but you know what, we are at a point where they shouldn't be reacting.

These SAFER barriers should have already been in place.

Nobody on this earth can ever convince me that I am wrong.

I don't want to hear a single peep about the cost of SAFER barriers. I don't want to hear any more talk about how the tracks have studied the most frequent areas where cars are hitting the wall, so that's where they allocated the placement of SAFER barriers. I definitely don't want to hear another word about catering to other series.

All the excuses are nothing but crap.

We have all this technology, we have all these things the sport has to offer us, but we can't have every single wall inside and outside covered by a SAFER barrier in 2015?

It's hideous and simply unacceptable that here we are even having this conversation.

Every time we think we've seen the final spot a car can hit, another one pops up. It's like these cars are magnets to show every track where they are deficient in their SAFER barriers. This isn't about blame. This is about finally making sure that all 23 race tracks we visit have SAFER barriers all the way around.

We have to react to this as fast as possible. This is priority one. I don't want to hear about building new grandstands, suites or media centers. Getting those SAFER barriers in place everywhere we race is at the top of the list. Keeping our drivers safe should be the first and only priority.

I am not going to come down off my pulpit about this. Every time we question why this isn't mandatory across the board, we get some lame excuse. I'm sorry, it's ridiculous. It's totally ridiculous that we still have to deal with this issue. 

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