NASCAR keeps teams working hard to keep up with rules changes

May 16, 2016

Nothing ever stays the same in NASCAR and that's by design.   

Once a new rules package is announced, crew chiefs and engineers immediately go to work attempting to find ways to circumvent that package.  There's nothing wrong with that. In fact, that's what they are paid to do -- to find competitive advantages.   

And when they do, it's NASCAR's job to react to it and make additional tweaks.   

Prior to the start of the 2016 Sprint Cup season, NASCAR introduced a new lower downforce aero package. And after the teams have had the opportunity to work with it, NASCAR is introducing three minor rules changes as part of the package.   


The first was made prior to the Kansas race when NASCAR decried that the truck arm mounts in the back of Sprint Cup cars must be welded in place.   

Prior to the running of Saturday's night's NASCAR Sprint All-Star Race, there are two more changes, per NASCAR:   

Electric brake fans are now illegal and will no longer be used. This rule will begin this weekend and will be in effect for the remainder of the season.   

For the All-Star Race and Sprint Showdown only, teams will have to set initial static rear toe to zero degrees. Per NASCAR, "This also is intended to reduce sideforce produced by rear skew."  

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