NASCAR Cup teams need to figure out changes

BY Jeff Hammond • April 6, 2011

I think at Texas Motor Speedway this weekend, we will continue to see the best drivers move forward – the proverbial “cream rising to the top” if you will.

Don’t forget we started the 2011 NASCAR Sprint Cup season out with a lot of changes. There have been a lot of variables that teams and drivers have had to deal with, including changes on pit road.

Changes always cause a ripple effect that teams have to adjust to. Some teams adjust quickly and some take more time. I think we are getting deep enough into the season where we are starting to see the teams that have it figured out and are taking advantage of it.

Just look at last Sunday's race at Martinsville Speedway and the teams that were able to adapt and adjust to a tire situation.

Unfortunately the tire that Goodyear brought wasn’t exactly ideal. However, when it was all said and done, there ended up not really being a tire issue. The teams adjusted and adapted. The same goes for the drivers. We saw a lot of changes on our leaderboard because of that.

We saw green-flag pit stops, which historically are somewhat unusual at Martinsville. To see two rounds of that at Martinsville was clearly a surprise. Within all that we still saw some aggressive driving and a lot of the beating and banging that is expected with short-track racing.

If I had to pick my choice to stop the bleeding, get better and move forward, well my choice is Greg Biffle in the No. 16 car. I think the Fords overall will be strong and I look for Greg to be up front in his.

I believe Texas is a great place for Greg to showcase his talents. He is one of the guys that need to be moving forward, so I will be watching Greg’s progress pretty intently.

So we are under the lights at Texas Motor Speedway. I don’t think anybody will be disappointed with the racing one bit. As you know I have been very excited about the season overall and I don’t see that slowing down, especially at Texas.

Actually, when it is all said and done, I think everyone’s going to look back and say the 2011 season was better than anyone expected.

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