Mayfield needs to go away and get help

BY Jeff Hammond • July 17, 2009

When this whole Jeremy Mayfield/NASCAR drug saga began a few weeks ago, everyone wanted to believe a mistake was made with the testing results. But now with a second test also coming back positive for methamphetamine use, you have to face reality that there is an issue and a problem here.

I think Mayfield and the folks standing behind him are looking in the wrong place and they should be looking at Mayfield and get him taken care of.

What is also wrong here is that our sport is suffering. I just think this case is doing so much damage to our sport. I liken it to some of the bigger high profile cases our country has witnessed where from the very beginning the defendant loudly proclaimed their innocence only for it to be proven in court that they were indeed guilty.

It's just painful to watch. I believe we are at the point right now that it needs to stop and that Jeremy needs to fess up, get some help and let's move on down the road.

One area that I don't think has been addressed is the safety of the fans. Look what happened at Talladega and Daytona recently. These accidents happened with trained professionals behind the wheel. They had all their faculties' razor sharp when they ran those races. I think that's why NASCAR is so adamant about how and why they came up with the drug policy that is currently in place and how they enforce it has to do with protecting our fans. That's where their concern should be. A race car driver that isn't totally there doesn't need to be going 190 mph out of control.

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