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BY foxsports • May 28, 2009

NASCAR on FOX pit reporter Krista Voda joined us for a live chat on Thursday. Miss the action? Don't be left out, replay it below.

Krista Voda Charlotte chat (05/21/2009) 



12:55  Good afternoon everybody and welcome to today's live chat with NASCAR on FOX pit reporter Krista Voda


Krista will be joining us shortly, so make sure to get your questions in now if you haven't e-mailed them already!

12:57 Krista Voda:  Hi there!


Welcome Krista!

12:59  To kick things off, can you share your thoughts on the weekend ahead at Lowe's Motor Speedway

1:00 Krista Voda:  This week, and last....2 of the biggest of the year! One of my favorite things about this week, is the military chokes me up everytime!

Who will win this weekend?
Jeff Gordon
 ( 23% )
Tony Stewart
 ( 36% )
Jimmie Johnson
 ( 12% )
Kasey Kahne
 ( 8% )
Somebody else
 ( 21% )

1:01 Krista Voda:  Should I vote?! Ha Ha!


Well, let's kick it off with the subject on a lot of people's minds: What's going on with Dale Jr. and the No. 88 team?

1:03 Krista Voda:  

Trust me, Dale Jr wishes he knew, too! He's been very short with his answers to any/all questions for about 2-3 weeks. I think he's as fed up as you guys are!

1:05  Question from Gina: Hey Krista...thanks for taking time to talk to us! As a woman, how does it feel to be so succesful in a male dominated field? Were there extra hurdles?

Will Dale Earnhardt Jr. make the Chase in 2009?
 ( 30% )
 ( 70% )

1:08 Krista Voda:  First off, thanks Gina for the kind words! To be honest, there were other women before me who made the road much easier: female writers, reporters, etc. Working in a male-dominated field...whether it's NASCAR, construction, always a double-edged sword. As a female, I must make sure I'm more prepared than anyone. I don't mind if someone has a problem with me being here, as long as he/she gives me a chance to prove him/her wrong!

1:09  Question from Kyle: What series do you enjoy covering more...the Cup series or the Truck series?


Which NASCAR Series do you like most?
Sprint Cup
 ( 82% )
 ( 3% )
Camping World Trucks
 ( 15% )

1:11 Krista Voda:  Ooooh, great question, Kyle! I know it sounds cliche'....but the truth is, I love them both. Each has pluses and minuses. For all of us who work in the truck series, we feel like it's our we are partly responsible for helping grow/build the series. It's a true family. Of course, our Fox family is pretty special too! I get the best of both worlds! PS...If you watch us on Fox, be sure and come over to the truck series and hang out, too!

1:12  Question from Chris: Jimmie Johnson has won the Coca-Cola 600 3 times...what does he do in this race that the other drivers don't?

1:14 Krista Voda:  Jimmie told me he's always loved this track...and has always felt like he knows it's ins/outs. He also has one of the best crew chiefs in the biz.. Chad Knaus is so good at making adjustments...and with the way this track changes due to temperature, day/night...Chad is able to put those skills to work.

1:15  Question from Brandon: You talk to the drivers all the time... who do you think, if they weren't driving, would be the guy most likely to take the lowliest job in the garage just because they have such a passion for racing?

1:16 Krista Voda:  Thanks Brandon. I guess it depends what you classify as "lowliest job." Today's mechanics are extremely skilled! But if that's what you're talking about, then I would say Dale Jr or Clint Bowyer. They can both turn a wrench and have a real passion for the mechanical side of things.


Question from Sean A.: Krista what are your thoughts on the Carl Long Penalty?

1:17  Carl Long suspended 12 races, crew chief fined $200,000:,-crew-chief-record-penalties

1:20 Krista Voda:  

Hi Sean! Pretty steep for a guy who doesn't have that sort of cash...or a collection of give a way! But breaking a rule has to have a consistent penalty. Now, NASCAR needs to make sure...if Dale Jr breaks that same rule down the road...the penalty is consistent!

1:20  Question from Steve D.: Hi Krista. In your opinion why are the RCR teams struggling so bad this year?

Who is the best driver at Richard Childress Racing
Clint Bowyer
 ( 12% )
Jeff Burton
 ( 52% )
Kevin Harvick
 ( 34% )
Casey Mears
 ( 2% )

1:22 Krista Voda:  

I talked to Jeff Burton today. He said they were all definitely trying new things at the All-Star race....and admitted those experiments DID NOT work. But he also said they should be able to turn things around this they did learn something new. So, if they all struggle this weekend....ouch!

1:22  Question from Jay: Krista, do you Twitter?


Make sure to follow the NASCAR on FOX twitter feed:


Question from Dan C.: Will Yates ever get back to it's winning ways?


1:26 Krista Voda:  Hi Jay! It's funny you mention it. Yes, I twitter nearly every week on the FoxSports website, NASCAR link. So...I started my own twitter acct....but only because I wanted to send a link to Good Morning America re: Shawn Johnson. I wanted to remind them she's from Iowa...noboby is mentioning that....and for me, being from's important! I guarantee you one of the reasons she won DWTS is because Iowans are extremely proud of their own. I bet the entire state voted. I wanted a national show to promote that good things/people come out of America's heartland. But I couldn't figure out how to get my question now I want to delete my acct, because all of my tweets go to the FOX website anyway!

1:27 Krista Voda:  wow that was a long answer, huh?

1:29 Krista Voda:  Hi Dan. I think Yates has the potential to win....but the competition around them is so strong. Their engine program is yes, it's possible. Look at Keslowski?! Talladega is always a possibility. It will be tough....but I love pulling for the underdog.


Question from Kenny: As a long time Matt Kenseth fan, i am anxious to know if you have heard anything on what the RFR stable will look like in 2010?

Will Matt Kenseth win another race this year?
 ( 62% )
 ( 38% )

1:31 Krista Voda:  

Hey Kenny...wish you were here because I'm sitting in the media center at Lowe's Motor Speedway and your driver, Matt Kenseth, is doing an interview a few feet away! Not sure what the '2010 stable will look like...obviously, Jamie Mac seems to be the guy who needs a strong run. I'll tell Matt you said hello!


Question from Theo: Have you noticed a difference this year when interviewing Tony Stewart?


1:36 Krista Voda:  Not necessarily compared to the last few Tony had pretty much mellowed out a bit. But if you're asking, Is Tony enjoying himself more than in the past? Then YES....he is having a blast. Of course, the performance helps. The greatest thing he said last week, after winning the All-Star race, was that seeing the smiles on his team members' faces was better than the money!

1:36  Question from Clint: No one outside of Hendrick, Roush or Gibbs have won a championship in 10 years and only once since 1995, which team can you see unseating those three?

1:38 Krista Voda:  

If you go by the current point standings, Penske or SHR has a shot. (Kurt Busch, Tony Stewart, Ryan Newman). But I think if RCR can get things figured out, my vote would go Burton or Bowyer. They have the potential for the most consistency.

1:38  Question from Sal: Hey Krista. THANK YOU for doing this! Who do you think will win this weekend?

1:40 Krista Voda:  Hi pleasure, I love talking with you guys! Jimmie Johnson, Jeff Gordon, and Kyle Busch....tough to vote against those 3. We haven't had a Cup practice session my thoughts might change.....but I'd like to pick a darkhorse. Vickers.

1:40  Question from Tony: Who will win the truck title? I got Hornaday

1:42 Krista Voda:  

Hey Tony....thanks for watching/supporting the Truck Series!!!!! Hornaday has everything going for him right now....and I love his crew chief, Rick Ren! I would agree with your pick. I just hope the battle goes down to the wire like it has the last several years!

1:42  Question from Tina: When is Joey Logano going to win a race?


1:44 Krista Voda:  

Hi Tina. He sure came close at Darlington, didn't he?! I don't think Joey will win a race this year. Of course, that's just a scientific proof to back it up. But he has definitely turned a corner in terms of his performance and confidence! You know, Sunday is his birthday.


How do you feel about Cup drivers racing in the Nationwide or Truck series?


1:47 Krista Voda:  I love having them dip over to the truck series. It adds extra eyes to the viewership. Plus, they don't always win! So it shows you how tough the trucks and their drivers really are....Mark Martin, Kevin Harvick, Ryan Newman, etc....LOVE racing the trucks. They've all told me so!

1:47  Question from Robbie: Just wanted to say thanks so much for doing this today...I'm a fan of Kyle Busch. Is he the most frustrating driver to interview?

1:49 Krista Voda:  Hi Robbie. Kyle can be a tough interview, for sure. But I also try to remember that we are sticking a microphone in his face moments after he wrecked. If he's a little nasty after a wreck...I understand. It's when he's a little nasty after finishing 2nd or 3rd, that's tough to swallow.

1:49 Krista Voda:  Ryan Newman is giving a press conference now. Anyone out there a Newman fan?

1:50  Question from Scott: Will Nascar ever do anything about the start and park teams that have no intent on even trying to finish a race?

1:50 Krista Voda:  Hi Scott. If times were different, the stance would be different. Right now, the economy sort of dictates.


Question from Wendy: WOO HOO! Love Ryan Newman! What's he saying??!?!?

1:52 Krista Voda:  Hi Wendy. Ryan just told us he knows he has a team capable of winning. Judges this race like a marathon, not a sprint. A driver has to have patience...and keep that in the forefront. Now he's talking about hunting/fishing. Sort of a mix of topics!

1:53  Question from Kate: What chance do you think Colin Braun has a chance at winning the truck championship?

1:54 Krista Voda:  

Hi Kate. Colin Braun is extremely talented, but he's had tons of bad luck this year. I don't think he'll win the championship this year, but I do think he'll win a race.

1:55  Question from Krissy: Hey Krista, so nice of you to do this! Have you seen Jeff Gordon around the track today and if so how is his back?

1:56 Krista Voda:  

Hey Krissy! I haven't seen Jeff yet today. This will be a tough race for his back. The longer ones seem to give him the most trouble. But he had a treatment on Monday, trying to alleviate the pain. I know Jeff is anxious to see how his back feels/holds up after seeing the doctor and getting that treatment.

1:57  Question from Richard: Will there ever be a Danica P type in NASCAR competition.

1:59 Krista Voda:  Hi Richard! I don't see why not?! Danica is really talented and driven. I think she, or anyone with her talent and drive, could succeed in NASCAR. The hardest part for someone coming over from another series would be/is the schedule. NASCAR drivers and teams are pulled in several different directions.

2:00  Thank you fans for all of your questions today. Krista, your final thoughts before we wrap up

2:01 Krista Voda:  Thank you so much for all of the great questions...wish I could have answered them all! Be sure to check out my twitter updates on drop me a line at my (i'm pretty slow at responding...but eventually, i do!) And thanks for watching/supporting my work on Fox and Speed!!!!!!

2:02  Thanks again to all of you fans and to Krista.

2:02  Make sure to join Krista, DW, Jeff Hammond, Larry McReynolds and the rest of the NASCAR on FOX gang this Sunday for LIVE coverage of the Coca-Cola 600 beginning at 5 p.m. ET.



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