Kasey Kahne named one of best interviews of 2016 by Inc.

BY Joe Menzer • December 23, 2016

Kasey Kahne may not have had the NASCAR Premier Series season he wanted on the track in 2016, but he apparently scored off of it.

And despite failing to win a single race and finishing on the outside of the Chase playoffs looking in, Kahne also knows how to live a happy life. And he gives one heck of an interview.

At least those were the takeaways for Jeff Haden, a contributing editor for Inc. who named Kahne one of the best interviews he undertook in 2016. Haden then included some tidbits of advice from Kahne in an article published Friday that was entitled, "11 Ways to Achieve Incredible Success: TheBest Interviews of 2016."

Kahne made No. 6 on Haden's list, with the advice that people should "actively create things they look forward to -- and not just personally."

Kahne then talked about how he always has something work-related that he's looking forward to on any given day, whether it's qualifying or a race or just playing racing spectator and watching one of the dirt teams he owns compete on the track.

"Every single week, I have something to look forward to. To think that I'm 36 years old and still have the same enthusiasm and passion for the sport, and enjoy it so much...," Kahne told Haden.

To see Haden's complete list and also a link to his full interview with Kahne, click here.

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