Edwards, mom make light of comments

BY foxsports • April 15, 2011

Carl Edwards better think twice before blaming his mom again.

At Texas Motor Speedway last week, Edwards went on national television and faulted his mom’s cooking for causing him stomach woes during the race.

But after talking to some of his crew, he’s had to backtrack.

“It turns out my motorhome driver and his wife ... called my mom and said, ‘We ate the rest of that food and we’re fine, so it wasn’t your food.’” Edwards explained Friday at Talladega Superspeedway. “ So I had to apologize to mom. She thought it was pretty funny, though.”

There is one positive for Nancy Sterling, though, to having her cooking skills criticized before a national audience by her son.

“She won’t have to cook for anybody anytime soon,” Edwards joked. “She’s been offering everywhere she goes to cook for people and it’s funny because they’re like, ‘No, that’s OK.’”

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