Marrusia F1 attempts, in vain, to head to Abu Dhabi

BY Adam Cooper • November 19, 2014

The word in the Abu Dhabi paddock on Wednesday is that, against all odds, the Marussia team is on its way and will join Caterham in the entry list for the final race of the season.

A senior F1 source told that the team’s freight is on its way. An empty garage, located between Williams and Caterham, is awaiting the team, although it remains to be seen if the cars and equipment actually arrive – and if they do whether or not the team merely scrutineers them or intends to tackle a full race weekend.

A Ferrari source confirmed that the Anglo-Russian team’s power units – and the engineers who operate them – are in Abu Dhabi, should they be needed. Ferrari guys are already wearing their Marussia shirts.

However, the Italian marque is owed a substantial sum, so it remains to seen how that situation is resolved.