Lotus, EMC enter record books by jumping semi over a moving F1 car

BY Samuel Reiman • November 24, 2014

Lotus F1 has had an appalling 2014 season, which was capitalized in Abu Dhabi on Sunday when Pastor Maldonado’s E22 burst into flames.

That being said, Lotus’ F1 car was the perfect car to risk crushing in this latest world record attempt.

Professional stunt driver Mike Ryan jumped 83 feet and seven inches over a moving F1 car, driven by stunt driver Martin Ivanov, as part of a commercial for the team’s sponsor, EMC technologies.

The stunt took place at Bentwaters Park in Suffolk, England and may just be the best performance Lotus has put on all year.

Behind the scenes footage of the stunt - that proves there is no CGI involved - is available at EMC’s website.