Young fan in full arm cast makes leaping catch on home run ball

BY Cameron DaSilva • June 6, 2016

Having a full cast on your arm is a huge inconvenience. You can't bend your arm. You probably can't tie your shoes. But catching a home run was certainly an option for this young fan at the Rockies-Padres game on Sunday night.

Sitting in the first row of the lower level in left field, the youngster with a broken arm (probably) and massive cast made a terrific leaping catch on a home run from Padres third baseman Brett Wallace.

While it would have been absolutely unbelievable if he caught the ball with his broken arm, it likely would have been dangerous to his recovery, too. Not to mention, he already had another ball in his right hand, so this appears to be his second of the game.

Even he couldn't believe the catch he just made. It's only fitting he was wearing a Superman shirt, too.

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