Watch this creepy mime lead the Cubs in spring training stretches

BY Andrew Lynch • March 22, 2016

There's less than two weeks before Opening Day 2016 in MLB, but that's plenty of time for Chicago Cubs manager Joe Maddon to make things weird at his team's spring training.

Earlier this month, Maddon brought a live guitarist to camp and let his team jam out while they warmed up:

And that's great. After all, who doesn't love some workout music? But we're not sure Maddon's twist to Tuesday's session will be quite as well-received -- because the Cubs had to stretch out while being led by two mimes. Two creepy, creepy mimes:

The still doesn't do the creepiness justice, so watch a video of one mime standing on an elevated platform and telling grown men in pajamas what to do:

All right, that's kind of awesome, too. We can admit that. But it's also really creepy, right?

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