Topps Customer Database Potentially Breached by Hackers

Updated Mar. 4, 2020 2:32 p.m. ET

The Topps Now program has been a brilliant way for collectors to get cards of the day’s top stories. However, that platform also became a target for hackers, as customer information may have been compromised.

Online shopping is a great convenience for everyone, opening up the world to anyone with an internet connection. Virtually anything that a person could want is available, provided one is willing to pay the price. No matter what the interests a person may have, or whatever hard to locate object they covet, It certainly makes being a collector much easier.

Unfortunately, one never knows who is behind the other keyboard. Even reputable companies have issues with the occasional security breach. Sometimes, no matter what precautions are in place, hackers can access other people’s information. Topps found that out the hard way, as they had a potential breach of customer information.

Information, such as credit card numbers, expiration dates, verification numbers, addresses, and the like, were possibly accessed, with Topps becoming aware of the breach on October 12. This information appears to have been taken from customers who made purchases beginning on July 30. However, if one used Paypal to purchase from the company in that time, the card information, and other data, remained safe.

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    Topps is also taking action on their own accord. After learning of the breach, they have begun working with an online security company, along with its web developer and hosting company, to take care of the issue.

    While this may seem like locking the barn door after the proverbial horse was stolen, it is a hazard of anyone making online purchases. The biggest online retailers all have the same issues. And even with the best security that is out there, hackers and other criminals that are looking to access financial information can find a way to get what they want. Every company has the same concerns.


    Topps may have had a possible data breach, but that does not affect our confidence in the company. I know that I’ll certainly be making purchases there going forward, trusting that they have fixed those issues.