Sizemore going back to Indians?

BY Ken Rosenthal • November 18, 2011

Grady Sizemore appears to be headed back to the Indians.

The free-agent outfielder is in serious discussions with his previous team, according to his agent, Joe Urbon.

“Grady has maintained that he would welcome a return to the Indians,” Urbon said. “Our efforts right now are to see if we can make that happen.”

The talks accelerated Friday, with the two sides exchanging proposals. Sizemore pulled back from his discussions with other clubs to try to get a deal with the Indians, multiple sources said, and could make a decision this weekend.

By staying with the Indians, Sizemore would remain with the doctors and trainers who know him best. He would sign a one-year contract, attempt to keep his knees healthy and try to better position himself for another crack at free agency next offseason.

Other than the Indians, the Phillies, Cubs and Rockies have been the most aggressive teams on Sizemore, sources said. The Indians had been pressing him for an answer, knowing they might need to move on to other pursuits.

Sizemore became a free agent after the Indians declined his $9 million club option. He is expected to receive a much lower guarantee in this contract, but with incentives that could push its total to approximately the same value as the option or beyond.

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