Schwarber playoff home run ball removed from Wrigley scoreboard

BY Shawn Ramsey • January 12, 2016

Chicago Cubs rookie Kyle Schwarber hit five home runs in the 2015 postseason, but the most rememberable had to be his moonshot solo home run in Game 4 of the National League Division Series against the St. Louis Cardinals.

The seventh inning blast came off Cardinals' pitcher Kevin Siegrist, traveling an estimated 419 feet hitting the scoreboard in right field. After the game, the ball was encased in Plexiglas a remained on top of the scoreboard for the remainder of the postseason. 

While the home run ball was symbol of the Cubs' postseason run, it has been removed from the top of the scoreboard, relocated to an undisclosed "safe, secure place," according to team spokesman Julian Green via the Chicago Tribune. 

With the removal of the ball, there are no plans to put a marker on the scoreboard to remember Schwarber's 'October moment.' 

Schwarber's home run could be considered one of the top moments of his young career, but he's not wanting the ball of his own trophy case.

"I don't care," Schwarber said when asked if he wanted the ball. "Whatever they want to do with it."



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