Red Sox fans can troll the Yankees forever with this David Ortiz retirement gift

May 5, 2016

Despite his solid start to the 2016 season, David Ortiz seems pretty set on calling it a career after this year. And when the Boston Red Sox slugger does hang up his cleats, FOX Sports' own Katie Nolan has a hell of a retirement gift in store for Big Papi.

Actually, let's take a step back for a second. Katie has a great idea for a gift -- but she needs your help.

See, it turns out that anyone can donate a bench in New York City's Central Park to anyone they want. Even a completely imaginary person, as was demonstrated on Garbage Time.

You see where this is going, right? Why shouldn't one of the Yankees' fiercest rivals bug New Yorkers into perpetuity with his very own bench in the park?


Unfortunately, the cost of such a bench comes in at a cool $10,000. That's not overly expensive, but it's not exactly chump change, either. So if you want to make this epic troll job a reality, click on over to (yes, that's a real website) and make a donation today.

UPDATE: 5/11, 9:00 PM PT: Papi's getting his bench! The money was raised in less than 48 hours, and Ortiz even heard about the movement. Pretty awesome for the Emmy-winning Nolan & Co -- and for Papi, we guess.