Negotiations on MLB's CBA continue

BY foxsports • November 11, 2011

The wait for baseball’s collective-bargaining agreement continues — and while the two sides continue to negotiate amicably, the urgency for a deal is growing.

An agreement was unlikely by the close of business on Friday, sources said, but the two sides were virtually certain to continue discussions through the weekend.

The sport’s general managers will gather in Milwaukee for their annual meetings Monday. Those meetings generally serve as a catalyst for offseason transactions.

Some movement already is taking place — the Phillies reached agreement with free-agent closer Jonathan Papelbon on Friday. But for the most part, activity has been slow as teams await the completion of the CBA.

The expected five-year deal likely will include significant changes in draft-pick compensation for free agents, and the new rules could influence teams’ decision-making.

The biggest obstacle to an agreement has been the owners’ desire to limit the size of bonuses for drafted amateurs, but the two sides have made significant progress this week.

The current agreement expires Dec. 11.

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