Mets will not be talking contract extensions with their starters

BY Fansided and Michelle Ioannou/FanSided via Rising Apple • December 27, 2016

Yes, that’s right, the Mets will not be talking contract extensions with their starters before Spring Training.

Earlier this month I wrote about how the Mets have not spoken yet with their starting pitchers about contract extensions. This conversation usually tends to happen in January or February – you know, before Spring Training – and not in December. However, the talk will not be happening.

Basically, the Mets wants to focus on this coming season with their starters. Mets GM Sandy Alderson had the following to say to the NY Daily News.

“We’re not thinking about it now, it really hasn’t been our focus. It’s probably not something that is going to happen before we head to Spring Training.”

“I am not going to say we would do or we are not going to do it, but heading into Spring Training, it’s not likely going to happen.”

Alderson did say that there is a possibility he would talk with a pitcher’s agent about an extension. However, he once again stated that this is something that would happen during the 2017 season, not before Spring Training.

Coming off a season where the majority of the starters were injured, you can assume why the Mets want to wait until the season begins. Before shelling out big money, they want to make sure their starters are still the beasts they should be. They want to make sure they can still get the job done, and well, stay healthy while doing it.

The only starter this doesn’t apply to is Noah Syndergaard, who stayed healthy last season. He should be a shoe-in for a contract extension. However, he is in team control through 2021, giving them a bit more time than with other starters.

Regardless though, Syndergaard’s young, he’s phenomenal, he was a constant last season, and he wants to win. The team needs to lock him up.

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