Mets All-Stars should just skip the game

BY Bob Klapisch • July 10, 2009

Another night, another horrific loss, as the Mets keep inching closer to nowhere. They were crushed (again) by the Dodgers on Thursday, which is hardly news. Indeed the wounds have become too deep to hurt anymore — it seemed like there were a million empty seats at Citi Field before the final out of an 11-2 rout.

The road to oblivion does have a detour, however — the All-Star Game — which will be an oasis for David Wright, Johan Santana and Francisco Rodriguez.

Hey, no argument, these are three elite-caliber athletes worthy of representing the National League. But the Mets' presence at the Midsummer Classic will only serve as a reminder of their disastrous first half.

Skip the All-Star Game? It's a crazy thought, but Mets fans are already in mourning; it'll be no consolation for them to see Wright, who went 0-for-22 against the Yankees and Phillies in back-to-back showdown series, on center stage Tuesday night.

Same goes for Santana, who's respected and admired by All-Stars in both leagues — but was 2-4 with a 6.19 ERA in June when the Mets' world was collapsing.

And as for K-Rod, he's been as close to perfect as the Mets could've expected, converting on 22 of 25 save opportunities. But his greatest achievement so far may have been in staying off the disabled list.

That's been the theme of this dreary summer — everyone's hurt, even the kids, like 20-year-old Fernando Martinez, who went on the DL Thursday with a bad knee.

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