Lawyers claim proof of innocence

BY foxsports • May 31, 2011

The suspect in the Bryan Stow beating is willing to take a lie detector test, and evidence that he was not at Dodger Stadium has been emailed to authorities, his lawyers said Tuesday in a report by NBC Los Angeles.

The lawyers said the evidence includes statements from 11 people who will testify that Giovanni Ramirez, who has not been charged in the attack, was not at Dodger Stadium on March 31 and was not one of two men involved in the attack that left Stow, a San Francisco Giants fan, in a coma.

"What we've tried to do is account for his whereabouts," attorney Anthony Brooklier said. Co-counsel Jose Romero said there are "witnesses that are confirming that the story lines that we forwarded are in fact true."

Polygraph tests are not admissible in criminal courts in California. The lawyers did not say if they had hired an examiner to administer the test.

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