Hot Jeter would help ease Yankees' minds

Published Jul. 23, 2010 1:00 a.m. ET

NEWS ITEM: Jerry Manuel Receives Vote of Confidence from Omar Minaya

Or was it the kiss of death the general manager issued on Thursday night, before the Mets lost another close game, this time to the Dodgers?

Most likely, the Mets won’t be changing managers this season, even as their pennant and wild-card hopes are going up in flames during this west coast trip. They’re 1-7, and haven’t scored a run in the last 17 innings.

It’s not Manuel’s fault, at least not directly. But something has to give, especially if the Mets, whose attendance is off 15 percent from last year and some 30 percent from 2008, the last year at Shea Stadium, want to appear like they haven’t given up.

If Manuel were to be dismissed, he’d almost certainly be replaced by Bob Melvin, who was nearly installed two months ago. That’s when the Mets were again at their breaking point before taking 2-of-3 from the Yankees. It seems like the Mets go into crisis-mode every two months or so, a phenomenon Manuel has been unable to control. Whether anyone can fix the Mets overnight is debatable, but that might not be enough to save Manuel if the losing continues when the Mets return home next week.