Giancarlo Stanton involved in frightening collision in the outfield

May 15, 2016

Miami Marlins fans held their collective breath after star outfielder Giancarlo Stanton was involved in a scary collision in the outfield with Marcell Ozuna on Sunday.

The two outfielders were trying to track down a drive to right-center field off the bat of Nationals veteran Ryan Zimmerman in the fourth inning. As they closed in on the ball Ozuna pulled up, but it was too late. The outfielders' legs made contact, sending them both out of control toward the outfield wall. Stanton hit his back on the bottom of the wall while Ozuna spun toward right field as his glove went flying.

Zimmerman rounded the bases for his first career inside-the-park homer, but the focused remained on the health of the two Marlins outfielders. The two remained in the game and stunningly Stanton homered in his next at-bat.

Stanton's power knows no limits.