Ex-outfielder hits grand slam in lottery

BY foxsports • April 9, 2011

A minor-league baseball player struck out when he was cut from a Cleveland Indians farm team -- but hit a home run when he won a $1 million jackpot in a scratch-off lottery game.

Outfielder Joel Torres, 21, said that when he realized he had hit the big leagues playing the "Sweet Millions" game, he jumped like he was going for a deep fly.

Torres bought the ticket at a food store in Elmont, N.Y., on Feb. 24. He collected his $660,300 lump sum payment at the state lottery office Friday. He bought the ticket while staying at his mom's house in Queens.

"The first thing I plan to do with the money is buy my mom a new house," said Torres. He said the money will allow him to pursue his hopes of playing ball in the major leagues.

"My dream, since I was a kid, is baseball. That's what I'm going to continue doing. I'm going to keep swinging, swinging for the fences," Torres said.

Five other $1 million winners received their jackpot winnings along with Torres.

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