Chicago Cubs: Jake Arrieta pays off bet with Tommy La Stella, gets tattoo

BY Fansided and Adam H. McGinnis/FanSided via Cubbies Crib • December 16, 2016

You can’t say that Chicago Cubs’ pitcher Jake Arrieta isn’t a man of his word.  And he’s got the ink to prove it.

Earlier this season, Jake Arrieta and Chicago Cubs teammate Tommy La Stella made a bet during the College World Series.  Arrieta and La Stella played baseball for TCU and Coastal Carolina, respectively.  Betting on the game, the player whose alma mater lost had to get a tattoo of the winning school’s logo.

Coastal Carolina bested TCU in three games to win its first national championship in program history.  That meant Arrieta would have to pay up.

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    Well apparently the time to do so has arrived, and Arrieta now has some new ink to show off.  The former Cy Young winner now has “CCU ’16 Champs” tattooed on his…wherever it is.  It’s unclear from the photo the exact location of this tattoo, but I’ll leave it to you guys to speculate.

    It’s easy to enjoy a good tattoo bet from the sidelines, but tough to be on the losing end of one.  Or so I’ve been told.  I personally wouldn’t know, but I imagine it’s not fun.  Now Arrieta can show off his Chanticleer pride!

    One thing you learn as a kid; never make a bet if you’re not prepared to pay up when you find yourself on the losing end.  Winning the World Series will no doubt be one of Jake Arrieta’s fondest memories, but now he will also have a constant reminder of his team’s elimination from the College World Series.  Good times.

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