Cal pitcher pulls off a near-impossible trick shot

May 9, 2016

Trick shots are wildly entertaining and provide endless "How did he just do that?" moments. However, most trick shots are repeatable and have been done once or twice before. That probably doesn't hold true with this ridiculous throw by Cal-Berkley pitcher Ryan Mason. 

While having fun during Friday's loss to Stanford, Mason and his bullpen buddies had a bit of fun trying to pull off the unthinkable. His teammate threw a tube in the air, which somehow fell perfectly with the opening facing Mason. The right-hander then rifled a pitch through the tube and against the wall behind it. How he did it, no one knows.

Take another look, frame by frame.

Even watching it in super slow-mo, it's hard to fathom not only how the cylinder fell to the ground perfectly, but how Mason fired the pitch through the tube.