A fan at the WBC took a home run ball straight to the groin and it hurt just to watch

March 16, 2017

Fans at this year's World Baseball Classic have done a great job getting involved, actively supporting their team and representing their country. They have apparently not done such a great job at protecting their vital reproductive organs.

One poor fan at Wednesday’s World Baseball Classic game between Netherlands and Cuba tried his best to make a play on a home run ball off the bat of Yurendell de Caster, but it ended very poorly. That ball appeared to strike the fan straight in the groin in pretty brutal fashion.

Towards the end of that clip you can see the fan start to realize what just happened to him and suffer the consequences. This look from a camera shot in the outfield stands gives us an even better glimpse at the horror:


Yeah, that does not look like a whole lot of fun. Condolences, my man.