World top 3 to be paired in Dubai

World top 3 to be paired in Dubai

Published Feb. 8, 2011 12:00 a.m. ET

Come back, Tiger. All is forgiven.

That’s the message from Dubai – loud and clear.

Even the players who have most to lose from Tiger Woods regaining his World No. 1 status want Woods to play like his old self and start winning majors again.

World No. 2 Martin Kaymer spent much of his press conference here in Dubai expressing his feelings that he wanted to see Woods back to his best. Ditto for Lee Westwood.


“It would be nice for everybody, and for the game of golf as well, if he would come back again,” Kaymer said. “It would be great to play against the best player that ever lived in his top form.

“Lee and me are (World) Nos. 1 and 2, but in every golfer’s mind, he (Tiger) is the best player in the world. It would be fantastic if he can go back to where he was.”

Westwood took over Woods’ World No. 1 crown last November and has been atop the world order ever since, with Kaymer breathing down his neck. He’s also missed watching Woods compete at his best.

“When I’m not playing in a tournament, I’m watching how Tiger is playing,” Westwood said. “I like to see Tiger playing well as much as anybody else. He’s the biggest draw in the game.”

Westwood and Kaymer will get a first-hand opportunity to watch the former World No. 1 up close and personal. The world’s top three will play the opening two rounds together in Dubai.

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