This 7-year-old golfer already mastered the art of good sportsmanship

Published Mar. 18, 2016 12:02 p.m. ET

A 7-year-old Spanish golfer already mastered the sportsmanship component of golf. Young Yago Horno Mateo won a golfing competition last Saturday but returned his trophy after he realized he calculated his score incorrectly.

Yago wrote a letter to the Royal Andalusia Golf Federation Sunday explaining that he accidentally signed his card with one less stroke on it than there should have been. He initially won the tournament by shooting a 50, but when he went home and reviewed his card with his father, he realized he should have had a 51.

Yago asked for the trophy to be given to the deserving champion instead, and the RAGF wrote back to thank Yago for his honesty.

Via Golf Digest:

"We want to recognize this wonderful gesture of a player who, at a mere seven years of age, has proven to be a true gentleman," the RAGF said. "He has already learned that the most important thing golf can teach us: Honesty and a respect of the rules and of your peers."

Although Yago did not earn the winning score in the competition, his good sportsmanship shows the 7-year-old is already a champion.