Police arrest suspect in Chi Chi Rodriguez robbery

Published Jun. 16, 2010 4:39 p.m. EDT

A man suspected of leading masked assailants who robbed golfer Chi Chi Rodriguez inside his home was arrested on Wednesday.

Rey Francisco Rivera Marrero, 51, was arrested in the San Juan suburb of Bayamon, police spokeswoman Leticia Jover said.

The five robbers broke into Rodriguez's apartment at Legado Golf Resort in the south-coast town of Guayama before dawn on May 19. The men woke Rodriguez and his wife, tied them up and stole cash and jewelry worth $500,000.

The 74-year-old golfer said in an interview that he could not identify any of the robbers because they were masked and dressed all in black. But he said he believes the other suspects are young people who will likely be arrested.


``I would like for this to be a lesson for the young people in Puerto Rico to start picking their role models a little better,'' he said.

Rodriguez said he has been installing security systems since the robbery.

The golfer, known for his showmanship and victory dances, won eight times on the PGA Tour and has 22 senior tour victories.