Cink won't let golf rule his life

BY foxsports • October 7, 2009

Get Stewart Cink talking about his multifaceted life and he'll steer toward mountains if not water. Outdoors means anything but just golf. "I love being at high places," he says. And he's not talking about his 10th-place perch in career money, about that high stack of $27.7 million. He means skiing, hiking and climbing. Golf never gets in the way of adventure.

"I love playing golf, but there are a lot of other things I consider myself more passionate about in the real world," the 2009 British Open champion said in a lengthy, candid interview. "I'm not going to stop skiing because there's a chance I might break an ankle or knee. Some people might think that's a cavalier attitude, and maybe it is, but that's life. It's more than just career."

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