Week 6: Florida looking like a safe BCS bet

BY foxsports • October 12, 2009

Now that Florida has proven it can win the big games even while protecting Tim Tebow with a conservative dive-and-defense game plan, it's already crystal clear that the Gators will land in the Bowl Championship Series national championship game on Jan. 7.

Of course, we previously thought that would happen, but with the way the Gators can run the ball and play defense these days, this sure feels like a race for No. 2, as teams vie for a chance to get beaten by Tebow and the Gang in Pasadena.

Next Sunday, the first of the BCS polls will be released, creating what would appear to locked-in 1 and 2 for the foreseeable future. Granted, upsets are part of the deal, and we're sure to see plenty of them the rest of the season. Yet, it's quite plain to see that Florida and Texas are a cut above the rest of the teams in the country.

Every other team already has a loss or a significant flaw that will keep it from being able to pass either Texas or Florida. In the case of No. 3 Alabama, the Tide would have to beat Florida in the SEC title game — and that surely won't happen this season; not with the inconsistent Bama offense and the Gators' ability to play great in big games.

The same can be said for Kansas in the Big 12: Nice, exciting team, but the Jayhawks are not going to run the table, and even if they did, they wouldn't beat Texas in the Big 12 championship game.

The other undefeated teams are Iowa, Boise State, this week's Cincinnati-South Florida winner in the Big East, and TCU, none of which can rise enough to threaten to break in if the Top 2 remain unbeaten. It would take a complete meltdown of the best teams, which is what we had last year. Bring it on.

Ah, but if two-loss Oklahoma were to beat Texas, then a whole world of possibilities opens up. Suddenly, those unbeaten teams gain some hope, and even one-loss teams like Virginia Tech, USC, Oregon, and even Miami, would see paths to Pasadena in front of them.

Despite everything ...

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