Watch Penn State's kicker crush a dude on kickoff return

BY Aaron Torres • September 3, 2016

It's the opening weekend of the college football season, and there's a lot going on across the country. So you know it would take something truly spectacular for us to talk Kent State-Penn State. It'd take something other worldly to get us to talk about Penn State's kicker. 

Well thankfully, that's exactly what we got Saturday, courtesy of the Nittany Lions' Joey Julius. 

With the Nittany Lions ahead 13-6 in the second quarter, watch as Julius kicks the ball off... and proceeds to spring down field, and wreck the Kent State return man. The best part? As you'll see, Julius isn't hte normal, svelte, undersized kicker, but instead a load, listed at over 250 lbs. on Penn State's website

We're not definitively saying that this will end up as the hardest hit of the opening weekend in college football. 

But we've certainly got our best candidate so far.