Utah freshman WR Britain Covey will take Mormon mission after season

BY foxsports • October 13, 2015

Britain Covey, 18, has been one of the most exciting players for Utah football during his freshman season.

Covey, who it Utah's leading punt returner and also the team's second-leading receiver, posted an update on Twitter on Monday evening. Missions usually last two years; Covey would be eligible to return to his team once his mission is complete. He has 17 catches for 182 yards and 2 TD's as well as 10 punt returns for 19 yards and a touchdown.  

"I made the decision a long time ago, regardless how well this season went for me and my team," said Covey, in his update. "I am loving being part of the Utah program."  

In January, Covey reportedly first told the Provo Daily Herald about his plans.

(h/t Yahoo Sports)

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