USC squashes Snoop recruiting story

Published Aug. 21, 2013 1:00 a.m. ET

Silas Redd's street cred is being called back, apparently because of a false start.

When the standout running back visited USC before he transferred from Penn State in 2012, Redd was so highly anticipated that he arrived at the airport in a private jet and was picked up by Snoop Dogg in a limo, according to Fourth and Long, a new book by author John Bacon.

Not so fast, USC says.

"Silas Redd has never met Snoop Dogg, much less received a ride from him in any type of vehicle," the school said in a statement. "USC head coach Lane Kiffin picked up Silas from the airport on his recruiting visit."

Coach Kiffin? Not as cool as Snoop, though he's no stranger to recruiting violations. So who's tellin' the truth and who's Lion?